Supporting Digital Transformation Webinar Series

Want to know how to grow and transform your business through advanced digital technology? Sign up to one of our FREE thematic webinars delivered by the William J. Clinton Leadership Institute, focusing on the six advanced digital technologies that are eligible for funding under DTFF.

You will hear from leading industry guest speakers, sharing their personal and business experiences, insights, tips and future predictions gained from their digital transformation journeys. Join us from our virtual Riddel Hall for one of our webinars. Come along to hear from our programme directors, academics from our faculty and industry experts!

What is the Digital Transformation Flexible Fund?

The Digital Transformation Flexible Fund (DTFF) is a demand led grant scheme aimed at establishing a Northern Ireland wide fund to stimulate digital innovation. It seeks to address the financial barriers to the adoption of advanced digital technologies as a means to achieve business transformation amongst small and micro-businesses.

The DTFF grants are worth between £5,000 and £20,000 (ex VAT) and are designed to help small and micro-businesses accelerate their digital transformation ambitions.

If eligible, the grant can fund up to 70% of the cost of a project with 30% match funding from the applicant.

For Further Support from DTFF partners and stakeholders please visit this link: Further Support – Digital Transformation Flexible Fund (